2006-05-31 15:30:57

Reservation to OBCs is a Step In Right Direction: CBCI Secretary General

(May31,2006) "Reservation to the Other Backward Classes is a step in the right direction”, declared the Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India – CBCI, Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes. He lauded the Government’s decision to grant 27% reservation in Central Educational Institutions. “The Government’s priority should be to provide sound primary education to all,” said the Archbishop. Initial education must be given importance, so that all have the opportunity to come up in life,” he added. Archbishop Fernandes of Gandhinagar, Gujarat , observed that there are certain rural and backward areas within the country. He said the upliftment of people from these regions is also the Government’s responsibility, as people from such regions do not lack the merit, but the opportunity, he added. The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) had earlier unanimously decided to implement reservations from June 2007. A section of the medical and engineering students have been protesting against the government’s move by holding demonstrations and hunger strikes. The agitation by a section of medical doctors of the country’s Government hospitals has been particularly sharp. They have been organizing massive rallies, protests and strikes under the banner, “youth for equality”. The Supreme Court on Tuesday, May 30 asked the striking doctors to return to work or face contempt of court charges.

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