2006-05-19 15:36:28

India’s new Ambassador to the Holy See visits Vatican Radio

(May 19, 2006) : India’s new Ambassador to the Holy See, Mr. Amitava Tripathi, who presented his Letter of Credence to Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday, paid a good-will visit to Vatican Radio on Friday morning. Mr. Tripathi was welcomed by Jesuit priest Fr. Alifie Ben, Director of the Indian Desk for South Asia, who in his welcoming speech said, the Indian nationals living in Rome were very happy to have Mr. Tripathi as an Indian Ambassador of Peace to the Vatican, representing more than a billion citizens of diverse religions, traditions, languages and cultures. Fr. Alfie Ben further noted that the diplomatic role of the new Ambassador between the Sovereign Indian State and the Vatican State would certainly augment his peace mission on behalf of the Vatican for the Christian minority in India. “As your Excellency is aware, in recent times not very heartening events have been taking place in India, that are bent on tearing apart the beautifully woven multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic fabric of India. We hope and pray that with your diplomacy the situation in our motherland will improve and harmony and peace will prevail among all her children, whether they be Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Buddhists. On our part, we not only broadcast the message of Jesus’ love through our Radio, but the Catholic Church practically serves millions of people through educational institutions, healthcare centres and humanitarian works throughout India and South Asia,” said the Radio Director.

Speaking to the group of dozen Indian journalists of Vatican Radio Mr. Tripathi said, India was a huge democracy with a vast population and has its many problems which become much larger taken in its perspective. Playing down the concerns of Christians in India and atrocities against them, the Ambassador said, there are areas in India where some unfortunate incidents take place on minorities, but considering the bulk of the population, they are negligible in size. Majority of India’s population is peaceful and seeks the welfare and development of India, he said but we must continue our fight for rights and justice for all, he added. Speaking on the point of minority, Mr. Tripathi said there is no majority religious group in India, because even the so called majority is again divided into small minority groups based on castes and sub-castes. Mr. Tripathi further assured that the Government of India was very appreciative of the tremendous service the Catholic Church carries out in the fields of Education, health and social work and urged not to be very apprehensive about the incidents that take place against the Christians, because they are initiated by minorities against minorities.

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