2017-12-12 09:58:00

Peer urges Irish to reject British-style abortion laws

(Vatican Radio) The Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on abortion in 2018. The referendum on the Eighth Amendment, which places the life of the unborn on an equal footing to that of the mother, is expected to be held in May or June of next year.

The vote will decide if abortion should be legalized “in almost all cases”.

Speaking recently in Dublin the British Peer, Lord David Alton of Liverpool said that Ireland should uphold the sanctity and dignity of human life and reject the imposition of British-style abortion laws in the country. 

Listen to the interview: 

Lord Alton said that when the law was enacted in Britain in 1967 it was supposed to be used only in the most extreme of cases. “I think it's the case often of the law of unintended consequence.”  Many of the people who voted “believed that the law would only ever be used in the most extreme circumstances.”

The British Peer also went on to highlight the difficulties faced by people who have opinions that go against the grain, saying, “you think about the way in which  people who hold Pro-Life views are now being no platformed…I’ve seen this myself that you get marginalized; you’re criticized for daring to challenge the status quo”.

Lord Alton stressed that as Ireland heads to the polls next year to decide on whether or not to uphold the Eighth Amendment, “let no-one say this is about human rights.”

“The foundational human right is the right to life. Without the right to life, all the others rights are worthless.”


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