2017-10-02 18:42:00

Statement of Bishop Joseph Pepe of Las Vegas

(Radio Vatican) The Bishop of Las Vegas, Joseph Pepe, has issued a statement in the wake of Sunday night’s deadly shooting, which left more than fifty people dead.

“Our hearts go out to everyone,” Bishop Pepe said. “We are praying for those who have been injured, those who have lost the lives, for the medical personnel and first responders who, with bravery and self-sacrifice have helped so many.”

Bishop Pepe continued, “We are also very heartened by the stories of all who helped each other in this time of crisis. As the Gospel for today’s Mass reminds us, we are called to be modern day Good Samaritans. We continue to pray for all in Las Vegas and around the world whose lives are shattered by the events of daily violence.”

In his statement, the Bishop Pepe announced an interfaith prayer service, which will take place Las Vegas’ Cathedral of the Guardian Angels on Monday night. “On this feast day of the Guardian Angels,” he said, “we invite all to join us for an interfaith prayer service at the Cathedral of the Guardian Angels this afternoon at 5 PM and invite our sisters and brothers around the world to join us in prayer for healing and for an end to violence.”

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