2017-09-24 17:48:00

Vatican issues statement responding to former AG statements

(Vatican Radio) The Press Office of the Holy See released a statement in connection with the statements from the Vatican’s former Auditor General, Libero Milone, which were widely quoted today, saying the Holy See notes “with surprise and regret” the remarks made by the former Auditor General.

Milone told reporters from several news organizations that he had been forced to resign after discovering unspecified “irregularities” within his bailiwick – or face criminal charges he told reporters were fabricated.

The Statement from the Holy See’s Press Office goes on to say, “In [acting] this way, [Milone] has failed to agree to keep confidential the reasons for his resignation from the Office. It is recalled that, according to the Statutes, the Auditor General’s task is to analyze the budgets and accounts of the Holy See and the related administrations. Unfortunately, the Office headed by Dr. Milone, exceeding its powers, illegally commissioned an external concern to conduct investigative activities into the private lives of Holy See Personnel.”

The Statement also says, “In addition to constituting a crime, this [course of action] irretrievably crippled the trust placed in Dr. Milone, who, faced with his responsibilities, freely agreed to resign.”

The Statement from the Holy See Press Office concludes, saying that the investigations into Milone’s conduct while in office were conducted with scrupulous regard for the law and for his person.

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