2017-03-27 16:40:00

Mexican bishop: ‘Silence means complicity in abortion’

(Vatican Radio) “Silence in the face of the suppression of unborn life makes us complicit in the crime of abortion.” That, in synthesis, is the message of the Mexican bishops in a communique sent on the national ‘Day for Life’ celebrated on 25 March, the Solemnity of the Annunciation.

“Life is not a good we gave ourselves but a gift which we have received,” reads the communique signed by Bishop Francisco Javier Chavolla Ramos of Toluca and head of the Mexican Bishops’ Commission for Life.

“No one may violate the integrity of another human being: neither for research purposes, nor because they are elderly, disabled, sick, unable to understand, nor a migrant.”

‘Anti-human and criminal confusion’

The bishops’ communique reads, “Today in Mexico there are many threats to family life” aimed at changing the face and dignity of life through legal means.

In the current society, it reads, “the ideology of respect for animals is presented as a responsibility, while the power to bring death to an unborn child is understood as a right”.

Bishop Chavolla Ramos’ statement says this “anti-human and criminal confusion is permeating the entire country, and today in Mexico thousands of unborn children are being killed.”

Silence makes us complicit

The communique said people “have a serious, human and societal responsibility”.

It recalls the words of the Annunciation: “The words of the Angel to Mary ‘be not afraid’ remind us to defend life without fear.”

“Lent is an invitation and an opportunity to correct our errors, above all the error of unhealthy silence, which makes us complicit in the crime of abortion. For this reason, may our asking forgiveness for our sins include a sincere repentance for the evil committed, as well as for the offense to Christ and the pain caused to our brothers and sisters.”

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