2017-03-15 13:40:00

Pope: ‘Laying off workers for unclear motives is grave sin’

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis has told a group of employees of the Italian branch of the TV platform “Sky” that it is a “very grave sin” to fire employees “as a result of economic operations and unclear negotiations”.

He made the remarks at the end of his weekly General Audience.

“Work gives dignity,” the Pope said, “and managers are obliged to do all possible so that every man and woman can work and so carry their heads high and look others in the eye with dignity.”

He added: “He who shuts factories and closes companies as a result of economic operations and unclear negotiations, depriving men and women from work, commits a very grave sin” he said.

Sky Italy is currently undergoing downsizing and has announced plans to move 300 employees and their families from Rome to Milan.

The Holy Father expressed his hope for a rapid solution that “takes into account the respect for the rights of all, especially for families”.

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