2017-03-01 15:34:00

Honduras bishops say no to electoral corruption

(Vatican Radio) Bishops in Honduras have condemned corruption ahead of the country’s presidential election.

A message to Catholics by the Honduran Bishops Conference has called for the November 26 poll to be conducted freely without deceit, threats or bribes.

It acknowledges the election is taking place in a climate of “growing violence, corruption and impunity, a lack of trust of the population against certain institutions.”

Catholic voters are advised to reflect carefully on the campaign “so the decision that will be taken in the elections is guided by the principles that are fundamental to the entire democratic society.”

The statement also addresses election candidates, asking them to pursue the common good, be transparent and formulate concrete promises during the upcoming campaign.

Controversy has surrounded current president Juan Orlando Hernández’s attempt to be re-elected after a legal change in the country’s Constitution allowing a premier to serve a second term of office. Part of the population considered the move “unconstitutional” while state authorities upheld the change.

The bishops’ message invites the faithful to participate and have a responsible commitment, favoring dialogue and respect between the different parties while not failing to pray for the country's future.

(Richard Marsden)

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