2016-11-30 13:59:00

Pope to French politicians: remember immigrants

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has called on French politicians to not forget immigrants who have fled war, poverty, and violence.

The Holy Father was speaking to a group of politicians from the Rhône -Alpes region of France in the Clementine Hall shortly before his weekly General Audience. They were accompanied by Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon.

“In the current international context, marked by frustrations and fears, and heightened by the attacks and blind violence that have so deeply torn your country, it is all the more important to try and develop a sense of the common good and the public interest,” Pope Francis said, referencing the terrorist attacks France has experienced over the past  year.

“Undeniably, French society is rich in potential  and diversity, from which should give way to opportunities, provided that the republican values of liberty, equality and fraternity are not just bandied about in an illusory manner, but are explored and understood in relation to their true foundation, which is transcendent,” – the Pope continued – “There is underway a genuine debate over values and orientations commonly recognized by all involved. In this debate, Christians are called to share with believers of all religions and all men of good will, even non-believers, in order to promote the building of a better world.”

Pope Francis said this search for the common good should lead them to “listen with particular attention to all people in precarious conditions, without forgetting those immigrants who have fled their countries because of war, poverty and violence.”

“In this way, in the exercise of your responsibilities, you can help build a more just and humane society, a society which is warm and fraternal,” the Holy Father said.

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