2016-11-12 10:08:00

English summary of Pope’s final Jubilee audience

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis held the last special Saturday audience for the Jubilee Year of  Mercy  this week, during which he stressed the need for inclusion, especially towards the poor, the weary, and the burdened.

By showing mercy, love, and forgiveness, the Holy Father said, the Church bears “faithful witness to God’s inclusive love.”

Below is the official English language synthesis of the Pope’s address, which he delivered in Italian:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:  In this, the last of our special Saturday Audiences for the Holy Year of Mercy, I would like to stress the importance of inclusion.  God’s mercy, which excludes no one, challenges us to be merciful and open to the needs of others, especially the poor and all those who are weary and burdened.  We, who have experienced that love and mercy, have a part to play in his saving plan, which embraces all of history.  In his mercy, God calls all men and women to become members of the body of Christ, which is the Church, and to work together, as one family, in building a world of justice, solidarity and peace.  God reconciled mankind to himself by the sacrifice of his Son on the cross.  He now sends us, his Church, to extend that merciful embrace to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.  The arms of the great colonnade surrounding this Square symbolize that embrace.  They remind us not only of the Church’s mission to the human family, but also of our own call to bear faithful witness to God’s inclusive love through the mercy, love and forgiveness we show to others.

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