2016-11-10 17:11:00

A Xaverian missionary's experience in Bangladesh, - part 1

Bangladesh’s largest religion is Islam, with Muslims constituting over 88% of the nation’s over 156 million population.   Hindus and Buddhists are the most significant minorities of the country, while  Christians, Sikhs, animists and atheists form the minuscule remainders.  Catholicism came to the region in the 16th century with the arrival of Portuguese sailors. Today, the country’s Catholic population of over 350 thousand accounts for just 0.2 percent of the population.  Among several foreign missionary congregations working in Bangladesh are the Xaverian Missionaries, who are identified by the initials SX after their name.   And today, we have with us Fr. Marcello Storgato, a 73-year old Rome-born Xaverian missionary, who worked in Bangladesh for 21 years from 1972 until 1994 when he was called to serve in the Xaverian media in Brescia, Italy.   In an interview with him, we came to know a lot about the Xaverian mission in Bangladesh.  Today, in the first of a 2-part interview,  Fr. Storgato, who has been a Xaverian missionary for 50 years, first tells us about his congregation. 


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