2016-10-15 13:29:00

Pope ‎ transfers Bishop Victor Lyngdoh of Nongstoin to Jowai Diocese

(Vatican)  Pope Francis on Saturday appointed a bishop to the Diocese of Jowai in north-east India’s Meghalaya state.   He transferred Bishop Victor Lyngdoh of Nongstoin to Jowai, both suffragans of Shillong Archdiocese.   At the same time, the Pope nominated Archbishop Dominic Jala of Shillong as Apostolic Administrator of Nongstoin.

Pope Benedict XVI erected the Diocese of Jowai in 2006, and appointed Father Vincent Kympat as its first bishop.  Bishop Kympat died on July 30, 2011, leaving the see vacant until Pope Francis on 3 February 2014, recalled Archbishop Emeritus Thomas Menamparampil of Guwahati from his retirement to be the Apostolic Administrator of Jowai.  With the appointment of Bishop Victor Lyngdoh to Jowai, Archbishop Menamparampil, who served as the bishop of Dibrugarh for 11 years and the Archbishop of Guwahati for 20 years before his retirement on 18 January 2012, will resume his retired life.  

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