2016-10-01 10:07:00

Day for Life 2016: Irish Bishops' highlight environment

(Vatican Radio) The 2016 Day for Life is being marked across Ireland this Sunday highlighting the meaning and value of human life at every stage. The theme for this year is, “Everything is Connected.

In their Day for Life pastoral message the Bishops of Ireland have drawn inspiration from Pope Francis’ encyclical letter “Laudato Si” on the care for our common home.

The Bishops also comment in their message that, “when we recognise and grow in wonder that we are all brothers and sisters living in one common home, it will not only affect how we care for the environment, but also how we care for one another and how we welcome and accept those with different needs and abilities, refugees, the elderly, the unborn, the forgotten and the abandoned.”

Listen to Lydia O'Kane's interview with Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin 

Speaking on this year’s Day for Life theme, Bishop Kevin Doran, Bishop of Elphin and the Bishops’ Conference Day for Life delegate told Lydia O’Kane, “our theme this year in trying to draw attention to the Day for Life, it’s not a very obvious one in some ways, when people think of the Day for Life they might think more directly in terms of the right to life of the unborn or the end of life; people with terminal illnesses and so on, but the point that Pope Francis is making is that the care of the environment can also be a life and death issue for people.”

Day for Life is celebrated each year by the Catholic Church in Ireland, Scotland, and in England & Wales.

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