2016-09-10 13:36:00

Pope Francis thanks Civil Protection Service for quake aid

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Saturday thanked once again the members of Italy’s National Civil Protection Service, who had planned on being at the special Jubilee Audience in St. Peter’s Square.

“My thoughts first of all go to of Italy’s National Civil Protection Service who were supposed to be here today, but had to cancel their participation in order to continue their precious work in giving aid and assistance to the people affected by the earthquake on 24 August,” Pope Francis said during his greetings to Italian pilgrims.

The earthquake hit the regions of Italy surrounding the town of Norcia, killing nearly 300 people, mostly in the village of Amatrice. Another 400 people were injured, and over 2000 people sought refuge in emergency housing.

Over 4,400 people were involved in search-and-rescue operations, and Civil Protection officials are still helping in the region, which continues to suffer from aftershocks.

“I thank them for their dedication and the generous help offered during this time! Thank you, brothers and sisters,” Pope Francis said.

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