2016-07-27 22:08:00

Pope Francis pays tribute to WYD volunteer

(Vatican Radio) During his stay in Krakow the Holy Father will be residing at the Archbishop’s residence in the heart of the city.  This was the home of the Cardinal Archbishop of Krakow, Karol Wojtyla before his elevation to the See of Peter. 

It was from the window of this residence that Pope John Paul II greeted his fellow countrymen on his many papal visits over the course of his pontificate and on Wednesday evening Pope Francis continued that tradition speaking to crowds of young people below.

He told them he could see that they were here with great joy in their hearts. Then he said to them that he had some bad news to tell them.

Let us be silent, the Pope said, as he spoke to them about a 22 year old WYD volunteer who died on the 2nd of July of cancer having been diagnosed in November of last year. This boy, the Holy Father said had worked very hard for this World Youth Day and had even booked to travel with him on a tram ride during this festival.

The Holy Father noted the faith of this young man and told the youth below the volunteer was looking down on them.  Pope Francis went on to ask the young people to pray in their hearts, reiterating that the young man was with them and that this was a grace.

Concluding his remarks, the Pope joked that the young pilgrims should do what young people do, make noise during these nights before adding, pray for me.



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