2016-06-09 14:13:00

S. Lanka's Sylvestrian Benedictines and St. Anthony's College, Kandy

St. Anthony’s College in Kandy is one of the most prestigious Catholic schools in Sri Lanka.  The ‎government-assisted private school, which has a rich history of over 150 years, belongs to the Order ‎of St. Benedict of the Sylvestrian Congregation (OSB).  Its management is under the Provincial Council of ‎Central Province, one of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka.  Among several eminent personalities that ‎have passed through the portals of St. Anthony's College, are William Gopallawa, the first President ‎of Sri Lanka, and legendary cricket spin bowler, Muttiah Muralitharan. ‎

Well to talk about St Anthony's College is Fr. Clement Gnanaprakasam, the Rector of St. ‎Benedict’s College, Kandy, a private school that the Sylvestrian Benedictines started some ten years ‎ago.   Fr. Gnanaprakasam was recently in Rome on a visit, during which he spoke to us about St. ‎Benedict’s as well as St. Anthony’s Colleges.  He began by giving us a background to the presence ‎of the Sylvestrian Benedictine Congregation in Sri Lanka. ‎


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