2016-05-03 16:00:00

Miao Diocese marking Year of Mercy with Divine Mercy Prayer Chain

The Diocese of Miao in north-east India’s Arunachal Pradesh state has started a Divine Mercy Prayer ‎Chain, part of its programme during the current Jubilee Year of Mercy.  “It is our way of participating ‎in the Jubilee of Mercy event of the Universal Church,” said Fr. Jose Chemparathy, the Vicar General ‎of Diocese.  Miao Diocese has organized various spiritual events during the Extraordinary Jubilee of ‎Mercy that Pope Francis has called for the universal Church from December 8, 2015 to November 20, ‎‎2016.   ‎

Salesian Bishop George Palipparambil of Miao has organized the Divine Mercy Prayer Chain across the ‎diocese from April 1 to November 13, 2016,  part of a series of initiatives to make the faithful ‎experience God’s Mercy in a special way.   The event was inaugurated in Miao with the special prayer ‎and Divine Mercy chaplet in which many faithful participated. It included Adoration and Divine Mercy ‎prayer in Neotan Parish and several other centres.  Divine Mercy Chaplets will be recited in every centre ‎of the 28 Parishes in the Diocese on different dates. ‎ 

Bishop George offered a special prayer for the success of the Divine Mercy Prayer ‎Chain. “We feel specially blessed by God ‎as this year coincides with 10th Anniversary of the Diocese of Miao. We pray for God’s Mercy and ‎blessings on all of us in the Diocese throughout this Jubilee,” he said.  ‎

Miao Diocese that is marking its 10th anniversary, has organized several Year of Mercy events.  A ‎retreat for catechists was organized from 25 to 29 April 2016 at Divine Renewal Retreat Centre, ‎Margehrita, in which 350 catechists, woman leaders and youth leaders participated.   Earlier, a retreat ‎for priests, held at Bishop’s House in Miao from 29 February to 5 March, was preached by Fr. Panneer ‎Selvam, one of the 762 Missionaries of ‎Mercy from around the world ‎officially commissioned by Pope ‎Francis to forgive even the sins that are reserved for the Holy See to ‎pardon.  ‎  Another retreat for nuns ‎working in Miao Diocese was held from 6 to 12 March. ‎

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