2016-04-26 15:33:00

Vatican suspends contract with global auditor

(Vatican Radio) The Holy See Press Office has issued a communiqué with regard to the contract with the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which was suspended on April 12.

PwC  had been hired by the Holy See to perform an audit of Vatican finances.

The communiqué offers the following clarifications:

“The suspension of auditing activities is not due to considerations linked to the integrity or quality of the work initiated by PwC, let alone the intention of one or more entities of the Holy See to block the reforms in progress.

However, issues have emerged regarding the meaning and scope of certain clauses of the contract and their methods of implementation. Such elements will undergo the necessary examination. The decision to proceed in this way was taken after suitable consultations between the competent bodies and experts in the field.

It is hoped that this phase of reflection and study may take place in an atmosphere of serenity and collaboration. The commitment to adequate economic and financial auditing remains a priority for the Holy See and for Vatican City State”.

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