2016-04-03 14:24:00

Pope Francis appeals for peace and help for Ukraine

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has appealed for peace in Ukraine and highlighted the tragedy of “all  those who thirst for reconciliation and peace”.

Speaking on Sunday during the Regina Caeli prayer in St. Peter’s Square the Pope said he is thinking in particular of the many who are suffering the effects of violence here in Europe.
“I am thinking of the ordeal of those who suffer the consequences of the violence in Ukraine: of those who continue to live in lands that are turned upside-down by hostilities that have caused thousands of deaths, and of those – over a million – who have been forced to leave due to  the grave situation that persists” he said.

And noting that the most vulnerable are always involved – elderly people and children – Pope Francis said that while  he accompanies them with prayers he has also announced a special charity collection to support them.

Inviting all faithful to join in favour of this initiative, the Pope said that next Sunday, April 24, it will be possible to contribute to the collection in all Catholic Churches in Europe.

“This gesture of charity, beyond alleviating material suffering, expresses my personal closeness and the solidarity of the entire Church” he said.

And he expressed his profound hope that it may be of help to promote peace and the respect for rights in that “worn out land”.

Pope Francis also recalled that on April 4 we mark the International Day of Awareness Against Antipersonnel Mines. He said that too many people continue to be killed or mutilated by these terrible explosives and that brave men and women risk their lives to clear mined land.

“Please, let us renew the commitment for a world without landmines” he appealed.



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