2016-02-24 17:16:00

Greece's migrant crisis worsens

(Vatican Radio) Greece’s migrant crisis is deteriorating dramatically, as thousands of Middle Eastern refugees are literally trapped in Greece, unable to go on into Europe or go back home.

Listen to John Carr's report: 

There were heart-rending scenes at the border with Macedonia, which is letting through a mere trickle of mainly Syrians, but blocking all others, mainly Afghans and those without travel documents.  The result is that here in Athens and other parts of Greece, thousands of stranded migrants wander about with no food, money or shelter. 

To make matters worse, a month-long farm protest has blocked the main road between Athens and the north, forcing bus loads of migrants to sleep in the fields.  Groups of them gather at the road blocks to shout, “We want to go!”  They include mothers with babes in arms, some of them hungry and ill.

Some of the squares in central Athens have become informal camping grounds for shelterless migrants who depend on the charity of passers-by.  More come every day.  So far this week, some 2,000 have disembarked at Piraeus, hoping against hope to go north.  As the government appears to be unable to act, most Greeks believe the migrant crisis is fast spiralling out of control.

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