2016-02-09 08:01:00

Greeks protest migrant camp plans

Residents’ groups are facing off with the police near Athens and on the island of Kos, trying to block the building of migrant and refugee relocation camps, which they say will depress their neighbourhoods and harm tourism.

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Groups of citizens near the port of Piraeus, backed by members of the far-right Golden Dawn party, demonstrated in the streets.  The police kept them separate from an anti-fascist, pro-migrant rally in the same area.  As that was happening, more than 500 Syrians and other disembarked at Piraeus.  They have nowhere to go, as striking farmers have blocked the roads to the border with Macedonia. On the island of Kos, protesters have stalled work on a major relocation camp – dubbed a ‘hot spot’ in Euro-speak – by obstructing army bulldozers clearing the ground.  The protesters fear such a camp will depress tourism, which is the only industry Greece has left.  It appears unlikely that the relocation camps will be built, at least this month, with the result that more and more arriving migrants will be living and sleeping rough in the streets.


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