2016-02-08 14:20:00

Pope to Mexicans: ‘I come as a missionary of mercy and peace’

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has sent a greeting to the people of Mexico as they await his arrival telling them that he is travelling to the nation as a “missionary of mercy and peace”.

Four days before the start of his apostolic journey to Mexico, the Pope sent a video message to those awaiting him.

In the message, in his native Spanish, the Pope highlights the fact that he wants to embrace all Mexican people, especially those who suffer.

He also speaks of his devotion for the Blessed Virgin and he expresses his joy at being able to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.   

Listen to the report: 

Please find below Vatican Radio’s translation of the Pope’s video message:

Dear brothers and sisters,

With not long to go before my visit to Mexico, I am happy, I feel great joy. In my prayers, I always have a thought for all Mexicans. I carry them in my heart. Now I will be able to visit them and tread the soil of this blessed land, so beloved by God and so close to the Virgin Mary.

It’s possible that you may be asking yourselves: "What does the Pope want with this journey?" The answer is immediate and it is simple: I want to come as a missionary of mercy and peace; I want to meet with you so we can confess our faith in God together and share a fundamental truth in our lives: that is that that God loves us very much, He loves us with an infinite love which goes well beyond our merits. I want to be as close to you as possible, especially to those of you who are suffering, I want to embrace you and tell you that Jesus loves you very much, that He is always at your side.

I am glad to know that you are preparing for the visit by praying a lot. Prayer opens our hearts and prepares it to receive God’s gifts. Prayer gives us the light to see others as God sees them, to love as God loves. Thank you for praying for me because I need your prayers.

Would you like me to share with you one of my greatest wishes? It is to be able to visit the home of the Virgin Mary. Like one of her many children, I will go up to the Mother and lay at Her feet all that I carry in my heart. It’s wonderful to be able to visit the maternal home and feel the tenderness of Her benevolent presence. There, I will look into Her eyes and beg Her to never stop looking upon us with mercy, because She is our Mother in Heaven. From this moment, it is to Her that I entrust my journey and all of you, my dear Mexican brothers and sisters.

May Jesus bless you and may the Blessed Virgin assist you.


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