2016-02-03 13:50:00

Pope Francis speaks with children ahead of Mexico trip

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis responded to a group of children who touched on various topics such as the need to bring peace to Mexico, the significance of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the plight of immigrants.

In response, the Pope said he is not coming to Mexico to bring ideas, or solutions, but as a “pilgrim,” carrying with him the “richness of the faith,”  and in turn receiving with an “open heart” what they have to offer him

The Pope noted the unique traits of the Mexican people, which stem from a history marked by suffering, success, failures, and searching.

He explained how the wealth of the Mexican people is that they are not orphans, but are children of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Pope Francis recounted his encounters with Our Lady of Guadalupe during past trips to Mexico, and also touched on the need to promote peace and dialogue amid violence and corruption.

Finally, the Pope spoke of faith which comes from encountering Jesus, and the need to bring this faith out to the streets.

He concluded by recalling the words of Our Lady of Guadalupe: “Do not be afraid.”

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