2016-02-03 11:46:00

Pope Francis: Life without striving is a mediocre life

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Wednesday greeted members of the American Circus, which performed during his weekly general audience.

Speaking off the cuff, Pope Francis thanked the performers, and reiterated his remarks from last week, when another circus performed in St. Peter’s Square.

“I am going to repeat what I said a week ago, when there was another performance such as this one,” Pope Francis said. “You make beauty, and beautiful things bring us closer to God. Thank you for this.”

However, Pope Francis said he wanted to emphasize another point: Such a performance “cannot be improvised.”

“Behind this beautiful show, there are hours and hours of exhausting training,” Pope Francis said.

“Training is hard work,” continued the Holy Father. “The Apostle Paul tells to get to cross finish line and win, you must train, and this is an example to us all – because the seduction of an easy life, to seek a good outcome without effort, it’s a temptation.”

Pope Francis concluded his remarks to the circus by thanking them for their example.

“With what you have done today, and with the training behind, gives witness to the truth that a life without constant striving is a life of mediocrity,” he said.

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