2016-01-21 15:56:00

Special "Year of Education" in the Year of Mercy in Faisalabad diocese

The diocese of Faisalabad in the province of Punjab in Pakistan on February 6, will open a special ‘Year of Education’ that coincides with the ‘Year of Mercy’.

The local Bishop, His Exc. Mgr. Joseph Arshad said,  the Year of Education will begin on the local Day of Consecrated Life on February 6. On that occasion students from all schools in the diocese and the faithful of all parishes will gather in Faisalabad. The aim of the Year is "to encourage Christian students, schools and communities to engage in this sensitive area, in order to play a key role in society". "Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change society".

"Education is the path to change the fate of Christians in Pakistan", freeing them from the condition of marginalization and poverty. The Bishop calls "every individual, family and institution to play an active role to promote the quality of education", helped by a special team that will be at the service of the diocesan community. "Quality education generates a change for the better in the mentality and in social action. Let us walk together to change the destiny of our lives", the Bishop concluded.

Bishop  Arshad  opening  the door of Mercy in his diocese on Sunday Dec 21  had already declared 2016 as the year of education in his diocese to complement the yearlong event, choosing "Peace and Hope" as the its theme. He said, “It is vital to promote harmony, tolerance brotherhood and forgiveness in this milieu by educating the sentiment of mercy”.   (FIDES)   


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