2016-01-18 15:26:00

Indonesian bishops denounce Jakarta terrorist attack

Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo of Jakarta, said the Catholic Church of Indonesia join all religions in the country in denouncing the deadly terror attacks that hit Central Jakarta on Jan. 14.  "All religions surely disagree with the use of violence for any purposes," Archbishop Suharyo, the  president of the Indonesian bishops' conference told UCANEWS Jan. 15 in reference to the attack, which left eight people dead — four perpetrators and four civilians — and at least 20 injured.  Archbishop Suharyo commended the government for its quick response to the attack but suggested that the government should now put more energy into creating a just and civilized society.   The archbishop made his comments following a series of interfaith meetings and prayer services where thousands of Indonesians of all faiths gathered to heal and show their opposition to the deadly attacks.

Bishop Yohanes Harun Yuwono of Tanjungkarang in Lampung province joined more than 10,000 people who gathered at Central Jakarta's Banteng Square for an interfaith event on Sunday.  Indonesia's Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin told attendees: "Togetherness of all social elements in Indonesia, which is framed in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity), is something certain."  A smaller candle light vigil was held a night earlier outside the Sarinah department store where the attack occurred.  (Source: UCAN)

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