2015-11-24 08:48:00

New report reveals toll of Mexico’s drug traffic industry

(Vatican Radio) Mexican drug cartels are unchallenged in the criminal world, and their increasing heroin trafficking into the United States is causing grave problems, according to a report by the DEA and the US Department of Justice. 

Listen to James Blears’ report:

Mexico's illicit narcotics industry is a 40 billion dollars annual Enterprise, spreading Worldwide, and this report called US National Drug Threat Assessment, notes its trends, ebbs and flows, as well as ongoing, oncoming threats.

It says the power of the cartels is supreme and remains unchallenged in the criminal world. It also notes the threat from heroin has significantly increased since 2007, with greater quantities available, used by more people, leading to more overdose deaths. Trafficking transportation routes and distribution networks are established and embedded, with major target destination cities in the United States including: Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.  

The two way hub for the greatest tonnage of smuggled drugs remains Tijuana to San Diego.  By far the biggest and most powerful criminal force, is the Sinaloa drug cartel, led by Joaquin "Shorty" Guzmán, who escaped in July, via a tunnel from Mexico's most secure maximum security prison.

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