2015-07-17 10:42:00

Paraguayan President: Pope left message "full of ideas"

(Vatican Radio) Paraguay's president, Horacio Cartes, said Pope Francis left a lasting message “full of ideas and suggestions” during his visit to the South American nation, the MISNA agency reported. Speaking to his citizens on Thursday, Cartes described the Pope's words as “a seed that we all have a responsibility to make sprout, grow, and prosper."

He thanked the Holy Father, for his “simplicity and warmth, for the enormous efforts to meet people, always with a smile, and keep such an intense schedule.” 

“And especially a word of thanks for the treasure of his words, which shine a light on our present and offer us a guide to face future challenges," Cartes said. "His direction lights the way and also gives us a grand task: to work together, with sacrifice and perseverance, so that we might have a country that is more equal for all.” 

He continued, “Pope Francis's visit touched not only our nation's soul but also the world's."  Cartes invited "all political leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen, farmers, young people, and women to embrace the Holy Father's words, and to renew our conviction towards achieving economic development with a human face, that takes people and the environment into consideration. Honest work in seeking dignified and definitive solutions. And above all, a social dialogue that is open, honest, and free of ideologies, speaking freely, knowing that freedom isn't always doing what we want.”

In conclusion Cartes said Pope Francis's teachings and counsels have only one goal: the heart of every Paraguayan. It is important to understand this so that, after receiving his blessing, we can say: 'To work! in order to build the Paraguay of our dreams.' Let us work together towards a more just and fair Paraguay with profound love for our nation."

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