2015-07-11 10:52:00

Fr Lombardi on visit: Pope feels at home

(Vatican Radio) Throughout the Holy Father's Apostolic Journey to Latin America, the Head of the Holy See Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi SJ has been on hand to brief journalists on the Pope's activities. Our correspondent in Paraguay, Linda Bordoni caught up with Fr Lombardi and asked him for his reflections on the trip so far.


Fr Lombardi described Pope Francis as being "very happy", adding, "really I think he is at home... he (the Pope) feels that he's received with great love with profound devotion. He sees how people on the street are praying waiting for him, are asking for blessing. It's not curiousity, it's really profound devotion."

Speaking about the second leg of the Pope's visit to Bolivia, Fr Lombardi said that "the Pope encouraged these people's to grow in human dignity in the building of a society of justice, of participation, of equality of respect of diversities of the ethnic and national identities. And for Bolvia, this multinational and multicultural with many indegenous and ethnic groups, this is particularly important..."




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