2015-06-29 10:59:00

Why celebrate Saints Peter and Paul on the same day?

(Vatican Radio) Veronica Scarisbrick asks scripture scholar Mark Benedict Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane in Australia, to shed light on  on the figures of Saints Peter and Paul on the day, the 29th of June that the Church remembers them in a special way each year.

Listen to Archbishop of Brisbane in Australia, Mark Benedict Coleridge in a programme produced by Veronica Scarisbrick

Archbishop Coleridge explains how Saints Peter and Paul  fought mightily in their lifetime but eventually their stories converged and their paths crossed in the most decisive way. Both these apostles, he goes on to say, were among the Christian leaders in Rome to be swept away in the tide of blood that came with the persecution of the Emperor Nero. Both suffered a martyr's death, Paul was beheaded, Peter crucified. And in the moment of their death they found their way so completely and so profoundly to Jesus crucified and Risen that they found their way to one another

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