2015-06-27 16:07:00

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture ‎

The United Nations chief has once more called on the international community to do away with the use of torture in their ongoing fight against terrorism and provide victims of the inhumane practice with support critical in helping them rebuild their lives. In a message marking this year’s International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, on 26 June, Friday, UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon reminded governments around the world of the “absolute prohibition on the use of torture at any time and under any circumstances under international law,” adding that when used in a systematic manner, torture can even constitute a crime against humanity.  “As states grapple with their response to violent extremism, it is essential to stress that torture can never be used to fight terror; in fact torture terrorizes,” Ban said. “The use of torture is wrong from a moral point of view and wrongheaded from a strategic standpoint,” he said, arguing that among other things, torture gives terrorists “fuel to gain new recruits.” 

Ban also underscored the growing importance of rehabilitation centres for victims of torture around the world which give humanitarian, medical and legal assistance to victims and their relatives.  Noting that that contribution to UN’s fund for torture victims has shrunk, he said, “victims of torture have the right to compensation and rehabilitation.” He also insisted on their right to know the truth and the need for perpetrators of torture to be brought to justice.  (Source: UN) 

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