2015-06-26 16:13:00

Cardinal condemns rape of Indian nun as a national shame ‎

Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias has expressed deep sorrow over the rape and violence on an Indian Catholic nun on June 20, in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.  "It is a national shame and a disgrace that our women are abused and raped," the Cardinal who is the president of India’s Latin rite bishops told AsiaNews.  Supported by Christian leaders and human rights activists, the 47-year old Salesian Missionary of Mary Immaculate, covering her face, spoke at a press conference on Thursday, narrating her ordeal.

Cardinal Gracias, who is also the president of the Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) was grieved that “this happened to a consecrated woman religious, who has dedicated her life to God.”  “Our religious nun,” he said “was violated in a medical dispensary, the very place, where she selflessly served to  heal the wounds of people."  The prelate noted that for decades the Catholic Church in India has been tirelessly working for the uplift of the girl child and for the dignity of women through its educational, health and social apostolates.  “It is agonizing,” he said, “that various social forces breed misogyny and shape ideas about male dominance and the devaluation of women, which can normalize abusive behavior.”  The cardinal said that the trivialization and objectification of women is a growing social evil in India.  He called on all in society need to engage and collaborate in ending “this discrimination and devaluation of girls and women, and usher in a enlightened era, where women can claim their rightful dignity”.  (Source: AsiaNews)

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