2015-05-30 13:49:00

Cardinal Veglio: European migration policy less "Christian"

(Vatican Radio) The President of the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People has called European refugee policy “less human” and “less Christian”, adding that Europe has never had a proper immigration programme, but instead tries to “patch up” emergency situations.

Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio was speaking about the EU’s reaction to the recent migration crisis, which he said ignores the root causes of migration.

“What is the cause of immigration and refugees? For immigration, poverty. For refugees, war,” he said. “Until there is an end to poverty and war, nothing will change.”

Cardinal Veglio said it is the Church’s mission help the “most poor, the most dispossessed, abandoned”, and said these are the migrants.

“If the Church did not do these things, then truly she betrays her mission,” he said.

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