2015-02-25 16:14:00

British Bishop reacts to 3 parent baby vote

(Vatican Radio)  In Britain, John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster says he’s “very disappointed” but “not that surprised” by the parliament vote to legalise the creation of human embyros using the DNA from three people. His comments followed Tuesday’s vote in the House of Lords which gives the go-ahead to licence the creation of so-called 3 parent IVF babies, making Britain the first country in the world to take this step.  The controversial procedure is aimed at preventing incurable diseases being passed from mother to child. Bishop Sherrington spoke to Susy Hodges about his reactions. 

Listen to the full interview with Bishop John Sherrington:  

Asked for his reaction to the parliamentary vote, Bishop Sherrington said he was “very disappointed” but at the same time “not that surprised” because it follows a general trend of legalising human embryo experimentation that began in Britain many decades ago. He points out that no other country has allowed this 3 person baby procedure and many medical experts in other nations have serious reservations about it. “There are many international scientists who are very critical, both of this vote and of this procedure.” 

When asked for his assessment about the longer-term implications of this procedure, Bishop Sherrington said it means that we’re moving into “very risky territory” and he’s also worried from the “perspective of public safety.”  On the ethical side, he points out that approving this procedure further emphasises “a very utilitarian view about the human embryo.   

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