2014-12-28 14:45:00

Pope Francis to large families: you are a gift to society

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis said on Sunday that “in a world often marred by selfishness, a large family is a role model for solidarity and sharing and this benefits the whole of society.” The Pope’s remarks came during an address to a gathering of around 7,000 people belonging to an Italian association for large families.

Speaking to the families and their children, Pope Francis said he was pleased to meet them, saying it was clear that they “love the family and they love life.”  “Each of your children”, he said, “was wanted by God” and it amazes us “how great a miracle is a child.” A child is somebody who changes our life.  He also underlined the important role played by grandparents, saying they can not only provide practical support but above all can help the parents pass down to their children their faith. 

The Pope went on to urge politicians and the local administration to provide more support to help people with large families, lamenting that such help is not always forthcoming. He concluded his address with a special prayer for families hit by the economic crisis where either the father or mother have lost their jobs or where the young can’t find employment, as well as all families struggling with solitude and divisions. And please, continue praying for me, the Pope ended, “because in a way I’m like a grandfather for all of you.”

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