2014-12-18 12:50:00

Pope to children: Jesus is your best friend

(Vatican Radio) Italian Catholic Action is one of the most active lay movements in Italy today and is made up of both adults and children and it was to the children of this group that the Pope extended his Christmas greetings on Thursday.

This year these boys and girls have been focusing on a particular theme "Everything to be discovered" and Pope Francis, reflecting on this slogan had some useful tips for the children present.

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Firstly, the Holy Father said, “never give up” because Jesus’ plan for you is to be built together with, parents,  brothers, sisters, friends, classmates, and catechism.

Imparting more words of wisdom, the Pope told the children to concern themselves with the needs of the poorest and those who suffer and he also asked them to donate time to their parishes.

In another point Pope Francis stressed how important it is to love the Church and to love oneself and he called on the young to be apostles of peace and serenity adding that misunderstandings can be overcome because united Jesus, everything is possible. He then urged all present to talk to Jesus who, he said, is the greatest friend that never leaves us.

The Pope, then said to the children, “what do you think? Do you feel like putting into practice this proposal.” He continued by saying,"(I think you already living out a lot of these things.”

Pope Francis concluded by saying, “with the grace of his birth, Jesus wants to help you take a step even stronger, more confident and more joyful to become his disciples.”

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