2014-11-25 18:07:00

Pope addresses press on papal plane from Strasbourg

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis answered a range of questions from journalists on the Papal plane en route to Rome at the conclusion of his short trip to Strasbourg.

Listen to Ann Schneible’s report:

One journalist asked the Pope if he considers himself a social democrat after having told the European parliament that the strength of a nation is removed in the face of multi-national powers.

Pope Francis laughed and said he felt with the question as though he were being studied as one studies a collection of insects.

He said he did not know if the Pope identified as a social democrat or not, but that his own message was drawn from the social doctrine of the Church, which is self which comes from the Gospel.

Having spoken about the threats of terrorism and slavery in Strasbourg, Pope Francis also told journalists to never give up on dialogue. He condemned slavery and affirmed that terrorism must be fought. However, he warned against the terrorism of states, and stressed that an international consensus is needed to stop any unjust aggressor.

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