2014-10-29 09:11:00

Syria: Kurdish forces reach Turkey en route to Kobani

(Vatican Radio) A group of Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters arrived in Turkey early Wednesday morning. The contingent of 150 elite soldiers is en route to Syria to reinforce their help their Syrian Kurdish kinsmen in their fight against the Islamic State in the embattled border town of Kobani. The mission received approval after the Turkish government agreed to allow the troops to cross into Syria via Turkey – an unprecedented decision.

Turkey’s prime minister reiterated that his country would not be sending any ground forces of its own. The Sunni Muslim group calling itself the Islamic State launched its offensive on Kobani and nearby Syrian villages in mid-September, killing more than 800 people. Their forces captured dozens of Kurdish villages around Kobani and control parts of the town. More than 200 thousand people have fled across the border into Turkey.

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