2014-10-28 15:33:00

' Why bother having the child?'

(Vatican Radio) In this edition of 'Why Bother? Staying Catholic despite it all’, Monsignor Peter Fleetwood tells the story of a woman who despite the advice given her by a doctor to 'terminate a pregnancy' decides that a child is worth the bother: " A woman I know became pregnant to a man to whom she was not married. The irony was that she had decided, while chatting to me one day, to finish the relationship. The day after she told him, she discovered she was pregnant. The news hit her like a sledgehammer: "Oh, no I can't be! What a disaster? No money, no man, no support". 

Listen to Monsignor Peter Fleetwood in a programme produced by Veronica Scarisbrick:  

But when the first advice this woman receives is to terminate the pregnancy she's furious with the doctor at the very idea of destroying life, and despite all the odds is  convinced this child is  worth the bother. In fact she has a lovely child.

So says Monsignor Peter Fleetwood, when I hear the story of an Angel asking a girl to be the Mother of God, I am always reminded of my friend. And I am proud of her, because these days the temptation more and more is to say "why bother". She  never quite said Mary's words - "be it done unto me according to thy word" - but they still remind me of her. She and my friend might have said no. 


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