2014-10-25 17:27:00

Pope’s solidarity with the jobless ‎

(Vatican) Without job there is no dignity - the dignity to bring bread home, which enables one to plan the ‎future ‎and decide to form a family. Pope Francis made the observation in a message to Italy’s national ‎convention ‎on the theme, “Hope amidst Precariousness,” organized by the Italian ‎bishops’ conference ‎in Salerno, Oct. 24-26.   The Holy Father noted that in his ‎meeting with person during his Italian visits he has come ‎to touch with ‎his hands the situation of many jobless youth, those on layoff scheme ‎or casual workers.  ‎‎“This is not just an economic problem, but ‎also the problem of dignity,” the Pope said, describing ‎Italy’s economic crisis as ‘the ‎passion of youth”. The culture of waste discards all that is ‎unprofitable, ‎and young people, he said,  are discarded because they are without a job.  ‎However, the ‎Pope said in this ‘quicksand of precariousness’, the Gospel ‎prevents us from being robbed of hope, ‎because this hope comes from God who ‎became one of us in solidarity with all our precariousness.  ‎Pope Francis thus urged Italy’s ‎youth to empower the Gospel in the social and cultural situation in ‎order to foster a culture of encounter and solidarity. ‎

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