2014-10-20 16:23:00

Saint John Paul and the Mysteries of Light: a musical meditation

(Vatican Radio) October is a month dedicated in a special way to the Rosary, a prayer very much loved by Saint John Paul II, whose feast day we celebrate on Wednesday 22. What better moment then to share with you a musical meditation focusing on the first of the Mysteries he added to the traditional fifteen when he published his encyclical letter on the Rosary: 'Rosarium Virginis Mariae'.

Listen to this musical meditation presented by Monsignor Philip Whitmore and produced by Veronica Scarisbrick: 

Each of the 'Mysteries of Light' is a revelation of the Kingdom now present among us in the person of Jesus and Our Lord's Baptism is the first of these mysteries. In this programme you can listen to an extended meditation by J.S.Bach on Our Lord's Baptism in the River Jordan. It's the opening chorus of the cantata that he wrote for the  feast of Saint John the  Baptist in 1724.


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