2014-10-18 10:19:00

Mexico: key arrest in student-teachers' kidnapping-murder

(Vatican Radio) Mexico's Attorney General has announced that the alleged leader of the gang to which 43 missing students were handed by municipal police, has been arrested - and that this could prove a key factor in discovering their fate. Mexican Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam announced the arrest, stressing it will open up a whole new line of investigation in the case of the student teachers, who were detained by local police in the southern city of Iguala and then handed over to gunmen of the so-called guerreros unidos or “united warriors” gang.

This happened after a demonstration in which municipal police opened fire, killing three students and wounding twenty five. Later that night masked gunmen shot dead three more people. Murillo's Director of Investigations Tomas Zeron, says Sidronio Casarrubias is the main leader of this gang. Two members of it, have already admitted that they massacred 17 of the students, but there have been no DNA matches to more than 20 bodies found in pits around the City of Iguala. Click below to hear the report from James Blears in Mexico

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