2014-10-17 10:40:00

Juggling a professional career and being a Catholic in Africa

As the Synod on the Family begins deliberate on the final document, one thing that has been special about this Synod is the participation of some members of the laity. 

The laity and couples who have spoken to the Bishops have told them about the difficulties of family life as they struggle to adhere to Catholic teaching.

In the words of one couple who spoke to the Bishops “The Church constantly faces the tension of upholding the truth while expressing compassion and mercy”,

Vatican Radio’s English Service for Africa spoke to a lay person who shared with us some challenges of modern African family life as well his experience of juggling a profession and being Catholic family man. Dr. Okoi Enang Effiom is a lecturer of Biological sciences at Veritas University, Abuja in Nigeria.

Listen to his discussion with Fr. Paul Samasumo



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