2014-10-15 17:24:00

Catholic schools continue to be among the country's best in Dinajpur

The Bangladesh Ministry of Education has awarded a Catholic school, St. Philip's High School and College, a certificate as best school in the District of Dinajpur.

The missionary-run facility "is an ideal educational institution. Teachers of this school are dedicated and made possible a 100 per cent pass in the public examination," said a sub-district educational officer. "They not only provide academic education, but also moral and spiritual education for learners, which is very essential for them to be a perfect human being".

The certificate, which was officially awarded on Tuesday, comes with a cash prize worth 100,000 taka (US$ 1,300).

The St Philip's High School and College has about 3,250 students and 100 teachers.

"For our success, I have to thank not only government officials, but also teachers, parents and students," Brother Nirmol F. Gomes CSC, head of the school, told AsiaNews.

In Bangladesh, the Catholic Church is a leader in the field of education with about 600 establishments, including primary schools and high schools. It also runs ten colleges and a university. Some ninety per cent of students are not Christian.

The annual MAGIS (Marching and Growing in Solidarity) Bangla Camp is another example of the Church's living presence in the country.

Held at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Baluchora, in the Diocese of Mymensinghit, the gathering brings together young people from 95 colleges and universities across the country for the purpose of growing and building character, morality and spirituality.

The Bangladesh Catholic Education Board oversees about 500 schools and colleges across the country; many are top ranked in their areas. (AsiaNews)

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