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Zambian Bishop Mulenga tells students: Hold on to your faith

(Vatican Radio) Zambian Bishop, Clement Mulenga of Kabwe Diocese, who is also the Episcopal Conference’s Bishop Director for pastoral, laity, ecumenism and inter-religious matters has urged young African Catholics to ignore calls seeking to redefine God’s plan for marriage. He has urged them instead to remain true to their Catholic faith.

Bishop Mulenga said this when he addressed over 70 students and their chaplains from 20 Africans countries gathered for the 11th Pan African Conference of Catholic students in Lusaka, Zambia. He encouraged young men and women to summon their courage and prepare for marriage within the Catholic Church.

Bishop Mulenga expressed concern about those trying to change God’s plan for marriage. He told the young people to oppose "a redefinition of marriage that includes same-sex partners."

The Bishop  has emphasized that marriage is only possible between a man and a woman. He called on young people to defend the Church’s teaching on marriage. “When the secular world says, man can marry a fellow man or woman  a fellow woman, you should oppose that!” He emphasized.

He further expressed regret that the Catholic Church was losing so many of its youth to other faiths and churches especially in tertiary learning institutions such as colleges and universities “Do not abandon your faith, try to doall that it takes to remain Catholics” He appealed.

Bishop Mulenga caused laughter among the students when he told them, “Young women are always saying to me that  the young men in the Catholic Church are not courageous to marry us that’s why we are marrying from outside the Church... Young men, be courageous and take care of the family and stick to what it means to be a family within the Catholic church.”

The 11th Pan African Conference for Catholic Students has been running in Lusaka from 4th to11th October, 2014. It attracted students and student chaplains from 20 African countries.

(Source: Zambia Episcopal Conference



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