2014-10-12 08:56:00

Cardinal Collins: new Canadian saints are models of faith

(Vatican Radio) Ahead of Sunday’s Mass of Thanksgiving for the canonization of St Francois de Laval and St Marie de l’Incarnation, the Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins, said the event was “a tremendous occasion for us Canadians.”

As the head of the largest diocese in Canada, Cardinal Collins said “I think it’s very important to be here to represent the people of my Archdiocese at this great event in the life of the Church in Canada.”

St Francois de Laval and St Marie de l’Incarnation were great models from the early years of the Faith in the country. “The hold up to us the example of how to live our lives, and also, of course, they intercede for us heaven.”

Although Canada is a big country geographically, Cardinal Collins noted that it’s a relatively small portion of the universal Church. “I think it’s wonderful [for] our little portion of the flock to have this celebration at St Peter’s, really centre of the Church in this world. And right over the tomb of Peter, we’ll be celebrating a Mass calling to mind and asking the intercession Canadian saints from our very small portion of the universal Church.”

Listen to the full interview of Cardinal Thomas Collins with Christopher Wells:


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