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South Sudan celebrates St. Daniel Comboni Day by revisiting his vision

(Vatican Radio) On 10 October 2014, the  religious family of St Daniel Comboni in Juba, South Sudan, comprising priests, brothers and sisters celebrates Comboni Day dedicated to St. Daniel Comboni the great African missionary and saint. The celebration this year, will mark in a special way the 150 years’ plan meant for the regeneration of Africa by Africans as was originally envisioned by St. Daniel Comboni himself.

Juba’s CRN has told Vatican Radio that Comboni Missionaries’ Provincial Superior, in Juba,  Fr Daniel Moschetti says Bishops,priests,sisters and lay people have been invited to join-in the celebrations. As part of the celebration, Fr Pacifico Salvatore and Sister Elena Balatti are expected to deliver lectures on St Daniel Comboni’s plan for the regeneration of Africa. The Archbishop of Juba, Paolino Lukudu Loro is expected to preside over the Eucharistic celebration.

Fr Moschetti said the celebration of Comboni Day is significant in South Sudan because the country needs renewal especially after the liberation war and current crisis which has led to many deaths and internally displaced many South Sudanese. He has called on all South Sudanese to unite as one people for the development of the nation.

According to healwithgrace blogspot, St. Daniel Comboni, born in Italy in 1831, perceived that the time had come for Africa to take its place in the world and reclaim its right to freedom and development in the light of the Gospel. His plan for the regeneration of Africa called for the involvement of the whole Church and the collaboration of all Missionary Institutes, to bring Africa into the Christian world and the global community of peoples. 

St. Daniel Comboni spoke about saving Africa with Africa. Priority had to be given to the establishment of the local Church with the formation and training of Africans as leaders, bishops and priests, technicians, engineers, teachers, medical doctors, scientists and university professors. He died in Khartoum on 10th of October, 1881. Pope John Paul II proclaimed him a saint on 5th October 2003. 

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