2014-10-09 09:45:00

Bishop Kang: practical solutions in keeping with the faith

(Vatican Radio) As the work of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops continues, several participants have been sharing their their early impressions with Vatican Radio. One of the participants is Bishop Peter Kang U-il of Jeju in South Korea.“All the bishops from different corners of the world find are finding that their families are in a very critical situation,” said Bishop Kang, “and they would like, as far as possible, to help, to save them – by all means – from the difficulties.”

He went on to say that the bishops are concentrating on basics: looking for ways to navigate the storm-battered waters of family life in changing societies, that are faithful and effective. “All the bishops are trying their best to [develop] a new way of searching for [a] pastoral methodology, to give a way out of this present crisis,” he said.

Click below to hear Bishop Kang U-il of Jeju in South Korea share his impressions with Vatican Radio

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