2014-10-07 15:34:00

Archbishop Tartaglia on Synod: People in difficult situations need hope and a way forward

(Vatican Radio) Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow says he hopes the Synod of Bishops on the Family will offer an image of the joy and beauty of marriage but at same time prays that the synod will be able to offer people in difficulties “hope and a way forward.”  Archbishop Tartaglia who is one of the Synod Fathers spoke to Susy Hodges about his expectations just before the 2-week gathering got underway. 

Listen to the full interview with Archbishop Tartaglia of Glasgow: 

Archbishop Tartaglia says it’s difficult to predict what will emerge from this Synod given the “mixed messages flying around” (in the media) in the run-up to the gathering. He hopes the Synod will show the “joy, beauty and the wonder” of married life and the family but also recognizes it will need to take stock of the many serious challenges facing the family nowadays.  “There will have to be a sober, realistic acknowledgement of the crisis of marriage and the family in the post-modern era.”  At the same time, he adds, “I hope we will be able to offer people in difficult situations hope and a way forward.”  

Archbishop Tartaglia says it’s important for the church to offer a vision of marriage that can “counter” some of the trends in post-modern society such as marital breakdowns and cohabitation between unmarried couples and also perhaps “offer some pastoral strategies” for dealing with this. He agrees with those who are predicting some “frank and heated debate” during the course of the Synod.  

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