2014-10-06 09:27:00

Brazil election goes to a run off vote

(Vatican Radio) Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff hasn't gained fifty percent of the vote to win outright in the first round of the Presidential Election, so there'll be runoff on October 26th.

Listen to this report by James Blears 

With almost all the votes totted up in an efficient computorized voting system, after a high turnout exceeding 80 percent, as expected, incumbent Dilma Rouseff of the Workers Party is in the lead, but  with 41 percent. 

Less expected is that Aecio Neves of the Social democrates is hot on her heels with 34 percent. While Mariana Silva of the Socialist Party polled 21 percent and as such, is out of round two.

Silva replaced the Party's original Candidate Eduardo Campos, who died in a plane crash in August. A wave of sympathy initially boosted her in the pre-election polls, but this was not sustained. 

A former Senator and State Governor Neves has been accusing Rouseff of failing to meet inflation targets and not handling the economy properly, so it can grow faster and stimulate business.  Yet unemployment is down and social programs have lifted millions out of poverty. He and Her are ideologically politically poles apart. It'll be now up to the next set of voting polls to show whom the Brazilian will place their trust in.

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